Till the Last Breath

Till the Last Breath

By: Durjoy Dutta

I am not a hardcore fan of Durjoy Dutta but my aunt is, she has always forced me to read his books. Before this book, I quite liked “If it’s not forever it’s not love” which was another reason for me to go for this book.
I started reading it. It took me some time to connect with his book but as it proceeded I was completely involved in it. After a long time I have read such an intense story. There are total five main characters of this book – Armaan Kashyup, Pihu Malhotra, Dushyant Roy, Zarah Mirza and Kajal Khurana. Everyone has a different past and come from different backgrounds but they come closer in hospital.

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I liked the complete book-the cover, the plot, the characterization. I would say so far the best and matures work by Durjoy Dutta. His solo writings are much better than collaborations. This book is written beautifully with wisely chosen dialogues and situations. Durjoy Dutta had worked hard before writing this novel and it is clear from the medical terms used in the novel and his hard work has paid. Though the end became predictable but full marks to the author for this book.
The novel truly justifies each word on the back cover “A heartwarming story about love, life and friendship that reminds us what it means to be alive”. It’s worth reading this novel, so get this book and see how things have been plotted. I promise you will not regret reading it. I am waiting for his next novel now.

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