Valentine Poem

Poem shared by our user Ridhima Thukral

A day of love
A day for the red roses
A day to make someone feel special
A day to be felt in a special way called

A day which has no region
A day which has no boundaries
The day for love and heart touching stories.

But, when i think of valentines
I think of love
I think it really exists
Attraction, infatuations an crushes are the common words
Does over exist or its all the mentioned above…!

Valentine Day

What is love ?
Does anyone has the definition??
Does anyone has got its meaning??
Is it just a status symbol or a boy n a gal mingal !!

love is friendship
Love is feelings
Love is respect
Love is tears
Love is pain
Love is smile
Love is being selfless
Love is worship


I pity people who cant love
I pity people who play love
I pity those who hurt
I will pity when they will be hurt

Love is not negative
Love is GOD
Love is not casual
Love is this day !!
And this poem is from me to you
on the occasion o this

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