Oh Shit Not Again

‘Oh Shit, Not Again!’

By: Mandar Kokate

I found this book at my friend’s place, fascinated by the name of the novel. I asked him about the book.He said read it yourself you will get to know. I with full zeal, started the book and guess what was my reaction after finishing this book, OH SHIT NOT AGAIN.

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It’s a story of five friends with main and central character as Raj; other characters are dominated by Raj, who is worse than any male protagonist I have ever read about. The story is quite good in the beginning but makes huge disappointment as it proceeds. The author had tried hard to bind people with his writing but has failed due to his amateur writing. The plot is not at all handled well; there are gaping holes in the story line.
One misconception I think Mandar Kokate has is using “big” words makes you a good writer. He has used words like preclude, perjure etc where they are not needed. Moreover the back cover of the book says “Are you ready to experience the roller coaster ride of events? If yes, then sit and enjoy!”.The book was not even 10% of what the back cover says.
Let me share with you how the author describes his book in his blog, “As far as my book is concerned, I promise you of good entertainment, PROVIDED, you don’t apply any logic to the story. I mean, don’t judge the book” .With these words I feel the author is also aware of what he has written. Better luck next time buddy…

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