Like it Happened Yesterday

Like it Happened Yesterday

By: Ravinder Singh

Another book by Ravinder Singh, one of the most celebrated Romance-Fiction writers but this time he has tried taking readers back to their childhood, that one period of our life we(most of us) always wanted to go back to.
Being the bestselling author of I too had a love story and can love happen twice, readers expect a lot from him. The synopsis of the book has that Ravinder Singh’s touch and magic, so I was all set for another great tale by him. After I finished the novel, I was rather disappointed because not just that touch n magic was missing but the story seemed a half hearted effort by Ravinder Singh.

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Apart from one or two chapters, the story line is flat. He has picked some memories from his childhood and penned it down as chapters of the book. Ravinder Singh has tried touching the hearts of the audience by writing on the most delicate and best phase of one’s life. The book could have been a fun ride but failed miserably.
I am not comparing this novel with the previous ones as this is a different plot all together but Ravinder Singh has failed to bind his readers with this book. So let’s hope he will be back with another heart touching story. I would end this review by the lines I read while I was downloading the cover page of the novel:
“At childhood we always wanted to grow big but now we realize that broken pencils and unfilled homework was better than broken hearts n busy life… :)”

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