Ouch! That ‘Hearts’..

Ouch! That ‘Hearts’

Harsh Snehanshu
Another book from the best-selling author of “Oops I fell in love!”.

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Ouch That Hearts is the sequel of Oops and the second part of Tanya Kanav trilogy, so read “Oops I fell in love!” before reading it. Another joy-ride, complete fun, emotions duly delivered by Harsh. Being the sequel, Tanya Kanav love story is smoothly carried in this book but what disappointed me is ‘Kismat Disconnection’ alias ‘Oops’ publishing part is given more emphasis than required, it seemed its being elongated unnecessarily, though I like the fact of getting your love story published and presenting it to your girlfriend as a token of love. The author has worked hard to hook up the readers till the last page. Being love story full marks to author for the plot, well it’s all about love and its trials. I don’t want to compare it to his debut novel (which no doubt stood apart) but it didn’t go too well, a little less plot wise but full credit to him for his presentation and words. For me best part is: Guide to Galaxy Aphrodisia and the poem ‘A Simple Wish’ (that’s the title of the poem). The novel is worth reading, so enjoy the ride with Tanya and Kanav.

The story ends on an incomplete note signifying another part to be out soon, well that’s going to be the last part as mentioned at the end of the book. To make readers eagerly wait for his next book, he has given a glimpse of his next book by the chapter ‘Meet the Queen of Venice’.

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