Luxurious Mobile Phone – Vertu

Luxurious Mobile Phone

Vertu launches the Mobile Phone worth Rs. 5.6 Lacs.

Company’s first android based phone.

gR 33.1

World’s most expensive mobile phone manufacturing company ‘VERTU’ has launched its other expensive mobile phone for their willing buyers in the market. The mobile phone costs around 5.60 Lacs (6800 Pounds). The exclusive version of ‘Vertu Ti’ costs 14 Lacs. Its first time for company to launch a phone made on the android platform.

Before the launching of this android phone, company was manufacturing the phones with collaboration with one of the India’s mobile phone leading company ’NOKIA’, which were based on symbian operating system.

Vertu’s MD Perry Oosting in an interview stated,”Vertu Ti model is not just a thing to place in the frames to decorate rather it can be more useful than the other android mobile phones”. It can handle the weight of a heavy hauler without damage.

Features of Vertu Ti
• 8 MP Camera with Double Flash
• 1.3 MP Secondary Camera
• 3.7 Inch Screen
• 64 GB Internal Memory
• 1 GB RAM
• 1.7 GHz Processor

gR 33.2

Uniqueness and Qualities of Vertu Ti
• There is a switch introduced in the unit which will directly connect the user to customer care services for maintenance of the mobile phone on press.
• It is completely scratch proof handset.
• The frame of the handset is of titanium & display is manufactured with sapphire.

• The interesting thing is that the name and signature of the artist is displayed at the place under SIM card.

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