Smart Phone Satellite

Smart Phone Satellite

Controlled by Google Nexus Phone – Named as ‘Strand-1’.

The world’s first ‘Smart Phone’ connected satellite “Strand-1” is ready to launch, The satellite will be launched for a six month mission. Google nexus phone is interfaced with it to control its working.

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Surrey space centre and satellite technology limited is working on this ultimate project. Doctor ‘Chris Brij’ of surrey space centre in an interview stated that there are no changes done in the Nexus-1 smart phone. The compatible software is installed in the phone for communication and it connects with satellite through a USB drive. It seems to be interesting that how a simple gadget can work in the conditions of space.

Smartphone is placed in the box of length about 30 cm which weighs approximately 4.3 kg. A hole is drilled in the box through which a 5-megapixel will take pictures of earth & moon. The applications installed in the ‘Strand-1’ are completely related to the scientists program of geophysics & astrophysics.

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In a question asked to Dug Lindale (the chief scientist of surrey satellite technology limited),”Why a smart phone is connected with satellite”, He answered, “As this phone is typically android based phone, Connected with a satellite worth 30 millions. If this project will be successful, there are chances to develop the space software through the technique of android OS.”

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