I Have Got The One I Adore

I Have Got The One I Adore

By: Tamanna Aggarwal

Why is everything so blissful and divine?
Why am I singing to myself? It isn’t in rhyme.
Why does it feel like, “Oh! I am so happy today”?
Why would the smile find its way? It’s a crazy day.

It’s as clear as it should be.
The love of my life has enveloped me.
When I lower my eyes, not meeting for once.
It’s evident he’s staring, won’t miss a chance.
Time freezes yet I feel blood gushing in veins.
I am numb yet crimson. Boy, you’ve got the reins.
I forget to breathe and just standstill.
Can’t keep up, and wish he would pump in the will.

gR 31.2

Why doesn’t he make a move and soothe me down?
Why is he trying to control his laughter, am I a clown?
Why is he at ease while I can’t be me in his presence?
Why does he neglect the world, I feel being his essence.

He’s as glorious as I dreamt him ages back.
Warmth dripping out, it’s something other lack.
He rocks my world, when he’s somewhere around.
I can’t hold my knees, bet, I would collapse on ground.
He encircles me right away and whispers oh so slowly.
I smile at the words and sparkle in his light and glory.
He says I do magic to him, times back, I had driven him crazy.
I wonder if it was destined for us, for memories are cloudy and hazy.

gR 31.1

Why didn’t it happen before? Gosh I want more and more.
You will feel so, when you’ll have the one you adore…

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gR 16.1

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