Chromebook Pixel

Chromebook Pixel

Google deployed the touch screen sensors in the first touch screen laptop. Based on the chrome operating system (COS), the most parts of this gadget are manufactured by world’s most knowing company ‘GOOGLE’ with Intel’s processor is embedded in the gadget. Besides this, 4G technology is used in this and screen resolution in this is never used before in the technology of laptops.

The chromebook’s pixels density is 239 PPI of display which is best as compare to any existing laptop in market. With the help of 4.3 million pixels, the quality of text and pictures gives experience of originality. Senior president of company, “Sunder Pichai, announced that 1.8 GHz Intel i5 Dual core processor is used in this, which enhances its speed of operation. After the release in United States of America & UK, it will be launched in other countries of the world.

gR 31.1

The two models of these laptops are launched on the price of about Rs.72000 for 32-GB Wi-Fi version and Rs.80000 for 64-GB LTI version.

Features of Chromebook Pixel:

• 1.8 GHz Intel i5 Dual Core Processor.
• Display Screen-13 inch.
• Screen resolution 239 PPI (12 pixels more than the Apple Mac Book Pro)
• 4 GB RAM
• HD Graphic Card
• 2 USB Ports
• 2 in 1 Card Reader.
• 3.0 Bluetooth & Wi-Fi.
• Backlight Chrome Keyboard.
• 1024 GB space in Google Drive for 1 year.

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