Love Story (Valentine Week)

Love Story (Valentine Week)

By Tamanna Aggarwal

“I do remember and cherish the story of your best Valentines you once told me.” Shreya said with a smug expression.
“That was indeed the best one I ever had.” He said.
“I was wondering if you could narrate it to me once more. I love hearing it over and again.” She had asked.
“Sure.” Anand agreed. He drew in a lungful of breathe and eyed Shreya and her sparkling eyes, her chirpy voice and the beauty that she was at the age of thirty-two.

“It was the onset of February eight years back. My wife and I had been happily married for two years. She was a divine beauty. Her angelic persona and the kind human she was had made me fall in love with her. That year, it was something special. The following month would officially render us as parents. They were twins. Yeah, she was some eight months pregnant then. Everything seemed perfect. It was as if the Almighty issued us VVIP passes of life. We had everything we could ever dream of. Fulfilment was something I had craved for, for whole of my life. And it was then when I realised I had achieved it. A wife who loves me, to whom I love. And then there were our little angels soon to be delivered. The affection we shared, the understanding we had, the commitment that had been there and most importantly, the love that was pious and supreme rocked our world. It was getting better in those past months. I could see the changes we were undergoing, the ones for the best. Our children had made us complete. We were brimful; and happy and living every moment that the life offered us. Could I dream of a better one?? No…

One thing that hadn’t struck me was her apprehension. Her anxiety grew overtime. She was restless and fearful. The fear was for the children. It was normal for the mother, they kept on telling. But it was in those days, that realisation dawned on me. I had to do something. No doubt, we were running perfect but it wasn’t smooth. We had been circling around her being pregnant, her well-being and that of the ones in her womb. She was anxious because she had been over-thinking and dwelling on some negative thoughts as well, perhaps. I made a plot to put things right, to soothe her, to assure her that everything was going to be alright, to tell her that our world was going exactly the way we wanted it to be.

You know, the days tick by in haste when you are up to something. And here it was, The Valentine’s Week. It knocked the doors on February 7, ROSE DAY it was. She loved roses, like any other girl. I loved her, like any other guy would love her girl… She blushed crimson, and the colour was richer than that of roses itself, I bet. She looked me in my eyes and kept looking for a long time and smiled eventually.

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I got down on my knees on February 8, PROPOSE DAY it was. She told me that I looked handsome, like the day when I had confessed my love for her, and like the day I had proposed marriage to her. She said yes again and it made my day, she was shy and it revived the good old times… I was content to see her happy and talking to the ones who were nudging her ever so slightly.
I got the chocolates on February 9, CHOCOLATE DAY it was. Those were her favourites and she was awed at once.. She devoured big bites, the way she always did making a mess of herself. Her charm was something foreign to me, when I had seen her first and the day flashed back. She asked if it was okay to have more than one chocolate and I nodded. She was a kid again and resumed her business.
Archies had always been my saviour since I had met her. February 10, TEDDY DAY it was and I had got a big brown one for her. She jumped up and tears pooled in her eyes. And I remember producing out two exact miniatures of the big brown one for our children and she told me I would be the best father as well.
Big Day, as she called it came next morning. February 11, PROMISE DAY it was… No materliasm, she would always say. I promised to be her pillar of strength, to be the sincerest husband, to love her till eternity and to put her before anything out there in the world. But that year, I promised to be an ideal father to our children. She believed me and closed her eyes and said I was the best thing ever happened to her.
I caught her and surprised her. C’mon February 12, HUG DAY it was. She giggled and whispered to me that my arms were the best place in world and she loved me with every ounce of hers.. She was my Sun I must say.
The morning that followed had more for her. I kissed her gently to wake her up on February 13, KISS DAY it was. She was dreamy and uncoordinated and I couldn’t help laughing at my girl. She was a wonder that none would found in reality and she was mine.
It was a ‘Mission Successful’ when I heard her singing to herself, smiling at her in the mirror, looking in my eyes for longer than usual and blushing all the way. I just wanted to rekindle the spark that was missing and see, she was all charged and happy and positive and loving. God! This was the woman I had fallen for. I had risen in the glory of our love. I had oceans in my heart that could pour out all the love I had for her. To see her the way she always had been soothed me as well.

When we were heading out towards the car the next day, labour pains kicked in and we knew it was time. Tense atmosphere, her painful yelling, people around me and the vibe of hospital made my vision blurred. But I knew this would pass and I was supposed to keep up, for her, for our family, for us… I remember waking up to a relative’s call, past few hours…And I ran towards her room. She was blissfully sleeping in her bed, and the nurse motioned me toward my angels, the two lovely girls. Our daughters!! She opened her eyes and smiled at me a tired smile. I can’t even imagine her suffering of that day. And the girls resembled their mom slept peacefully in their cradles. I sat close to her and the clock struck twelwe in the morning.
I realised February 14, VALENTINE’S DAY was gone.

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We wished each other. Nothing lovey dovey had been done but the fulfilment had still found its way, in our daughters. She was the one I had always loved with all my heart.”
Anand looked up at Shreya who was asleep in her chair. He smiled a little and caressed her cheek and mumbled, “Good night Shreya. I’ll be here tomorrow and for the rest of my life. The faith I have and the love that’s buried deep somewhere in your heart, will find its way out somehow. But don’t be late honey, our daughters are waiting for you to come back.”
Shreya’s nurse in the care unit escorted Anand out of the premises. She began, “It’s been two years Mr. Anand. She doesn’t remember anything, nor you neither your daughters. I am so sorry.”
Anand smiled and said,”I’ve faith. She’s going to come back to us one day. Good night, Mrs. Verma. ”

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