Intel Revolutionary Chip

Intel’s Revolutionary Chip

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One of the best electronics company has obtained the benchmark in the society of medical sciences as well as technology. They are going to launch a “chip” which provides the exact results of the typical diseases/problems related to human body. These chips able to recognise about 50 common diseases without taking out a drop of blood.

Technology Used
• Protein peptide is directly enabled at the silicon chip in body.
• Every peptide consists of micro processor ready silicon chip behind it.
• Entire chip contains thousand of super computers, able to show the results of problems.
• Chip is also known as “super pathology”. This is embedded in 1 micrometer (um) network.

Working of Chip

• With a bloodless cut of 1 cm, chip is encapsulated in patients arm or any part of the body.
• Cells and infected muscles will show the results of the infected part of the body.
• Symptoms are found with red blood cells in a body.

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Launching Strategies
• It took about 1 year for the clinical trials. After the reports and experiments, it may possibly be launched in 2014.
• For portable results, these techniques will be introduced in smart phones to display the symptoms/ results of diseases.

Advancements (Next to this Technology)
The data of results taken from the chip is used in the electronic direction which provides the continuous results of treatment and problems or side effects of medicines given to the patients this technique will act as a POWER medicine in case of COMA patients.

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