That’s What I Felt

That’s What I Felt

By: Raghav Kapoor
This Poem is from our user Raghav Kapoor

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I wondered how we met,
But I was happy for whatever I get,
You were now a friend of mine,
And I was wishing for a memorable time,
I wished I could meet you again,
To feel your warmth that vanish my pain.
I was thinking of you for a while,
And you entered the room with a sweet smile,
I was lost in your charm,
I wished I could be in your arms,
I could spend my whole life there,
I was ready to do this dare,
I would be there for your every tear,
Far or near I would be there,
I would accept you in any state
I would become your soul mate,
I will wait, I will wait…
But I would become your soul mate,
Your soul mate, your soul mate…

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