Valentine Day Poem

Valentine Day Poem

It’s been long I have seen you
World is round but it didn’t seem to,
It’s been 365 days to be precise
I see you with my closed eyes,
It soothes my soul, Fill up my heart
Your memories still triggers a spark,
Your words “I Love You Baby” still echoes in my ear
I could feel your presence in the air,
It made me happy, It made me smile
I received a text in the meanwhile,
“Waiting for you at our Favourite place”, the message says
My love is waiting at “Cafe Coffee Day”,
Without a second thought, I left for the place
I could feel a smile on my face,
I looked for my love as I reached the place
There I saw a beautiful face,
I greeted my love with flower and card
We hold each other tight n hard,

gR 27.1

“I won’t let you go”, We both echoed together
We hugged each other and I said
“Love is life’s sweet mystery
You are my valentine and will always be…”

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