First Step To Love

First Step To Love

By: Raghav Kapoor
This Poem is from our user Raghav Kapoor

We started interacting with each other,
I didn’t shy, I didn’t bother.
We started spending time together,
To know each other more and better,
We were moving on the same track,
We promised to never look back,

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Whatever may the conditions be,
We will live free,
We had now become good friends,
You usually update me about new trends.
You knew I was not good at it,
You changed my habits bit by bit,
I could sacrifice anything for you,
All I wanted is happiness for you,
Our meetings got longer and longer,
Trust made our relationship stronger,
It was the beginning of our Love,
I was praying for peace and harmony from heavens above..

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And That’s What I Felt.

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