facebook smartphone

Facebook Smartphone

Facebook and Samsung may Collaborate for a Smartphone

A Facebook smartphone is not exactly a new idea and after not-so-successful attempts with HTC, the social giant is looking at new hardware partners. Facebook’s previous attempts at a Facebook-centric phone include HTC Chacha, which featured a physical Facebook button for posting to social network and HTC First, which included Facebook Home OS, a software layer on top of Android.

facebook smartphone

According to the reports, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and COO Sheryl Sandberg met with Samsung Electronics vice chairman Lee Jay Yong at Samsung’s headquarters in Seoul. While neither of the companies have confirmed such partnership.

It’s not the first time Samsung and Facebook are working together. Facebook now owns Oculus, the virtual reality company behind the Rift headset. Oculus and Samsung recently partnered to develop Gear VR headset. The Oculus Rift development Kit was featured in Samsung’s Galaxy Note 3 display.

If the rumors are true and you can expect Facebook’s focus to be on the software inside the phone and how apps will integrate with Facebook. We can expect Facebook app and messenger to be pre-installed on the phone. The thing to notice will be how effectively Facebook will use this collaboration with Samsung overcoming the failures with previous Facebook-centric phones. So let’s see what they come up with this time.

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