half girlfriend

Half Girlfriend

Half Girlfriend

by Chetan Bhagat

The title of the book “Half Girlfriend” is intriguing and made me read the book but the mysterious title did not hold me beyond a few chapters, it just relates to a ‘initial phase’. The reason I am highlighting the initial phase is the title has nothing to do with the rest of the book. Mr Bhagat has wisely chosen an eye-catching title to fascinate the readers.

Half Girlfriend

The novel is nicely written in the sense that Mr. Bhagat has written stuff with complete details so that reader can easily relate to it. I quite liked the concept of describing the girl’s attire every time the male protagonist sees his love of life. Talking about the book, the book is divided into acts. The initial act gives you mixed feelings-happy and sad. The Act 2 which happens in Bihar village starts slow and you might disconnect with it initially but hold on to it, it gets interesting as it progresses. The book has quite good lines at intervals. The end of the book is quite predictable but still managed well by Mr. Bhagat. The book highlights the undying spirit and Never Give Up attitude. The book also brings up gaping loop holes in the Indian society: Rich-poor, politicians etc, in a subtle manner.

Not giving away any more spoilers because I never did 😉 .So grab the book and give it a shot.

Happy Reading..!!

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