new battery technology

New Generation Battery

New Battery Technology

Scientists at Nanyang Technology University (NTU) have developed new generation batteries having long lifespan of 20 years – 10 times longer than the existing lithium-ion batteries. These ultra fast charging batteries can be recharged up to 70 percent in just two minutes.

new battery technology

The difference between the new battery and the existing lithium ion battery is the substance used for anode. Current lithium ion batteries have graphite anodes. The NTU team has instead used a titanium dioxide gel which speeds up the chemical reaction that takes place in the battery. Titanium dioxide is an abundant and cheap material found in soil and it is commonly used as a food addictive or in sunscreen lotions to absorb harmful ultraviolet rays.

The concept behind the speeding up of chemical reaction is the way in which in titanium dioxide is used. They found a new way of forming Titanium dioxide, which is spherical, into tiny nanotubes. Moreover no addictives are needed to bind the electrodes to anode, making reactions faster. The researchers see the technology as esp valuable in improving the use of electric cars. The new battery will be able to endure more than 10,000 charging cycles-20times more than the current 500 cycles of today’s batteries.

The technology is currently licensed by a company for eventual production. Prof Chen expects that the generation batteries will hit the market in next two years. Researchers notified that they are seeking grant that will allow them to take this project at large scale. The most important question is to see how much power they can pack in these titanium dioxide batteries.

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