It is abstract future technology which relates Nano Robotics and Computer Technology to create individual small scale computers known as Claytronics Atoms, or generally Catoms which coincides or interacts with each other to form tangible 3-D objects. This concept is based on programmable matter. At first glance, it seems to be impossible. It greatly affects many areas of our life including telecommunication, human programmable device interfaces, etc.

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It explores the potential of complex software’s required to control the ‘shape- changing’ robots. High level languages are used for modular reconfigurable robot system (MRRs). The recouping of these prototypes takes only about 100 ms.

In 2008, the cylindrical prototypes 44 millimetres in diameter interact with each other with the help of electromagnetic radiation. The concept now introduced with the help of photolithography which would control electromagnetic attraction & repulsion between modules.

gR 8.2

The language for programming requires more abbreviated syntax than the languages like C++ and JAVA. These languages are Meld and locally distributed predicates (LDP).


• New modes of communication.

• It offers more realistic sense to communicate over by long distance known as ‘Pario’ provides aural, visual& physical sensation. It completely enhances the level of thinking.

• This technology is very much helpful to design cars, the architecture of buildings etc. just before implementing in the real world.


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