Can Love Happen Twice?

Can Love Happen Twice?

By: Ravinder Singh

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Another book by the best selling author of “I too had a love story”. Well the title of the book speaks much about the book; it’s his tale when love knocked at his door for the second time. I quite liked the author’s idea of making a plot of reciting a novel on radio and that too on Valentines Day (you know when love is in the air)-quite innovative. Author’s friends play a major role in this tale. The book clearly signifies that Love blooms when both the persons make efforts to adjust; it works when both of them are ready to ride in same boat and more importantly the same direction. For me the best line of the book (though a short line but says a lot) is-“He loved her and she loved herself”, and yes the author tried hard to turn the things right. He didn’t want to loose his love for the second time but it was him with every effort. As said by the author-True Love is unconditional and if it’s ‘Conditions Apply’ scenario, then its not true love.
The book as mentioned at the back is not “An Emotional Roller Coaster”; yes the latter part is emotional but can’t quote it “An Emotional Roller Coaster”. The book ends at a happy note with his friend’s efforts, that’s all I can tell you because I don’t want to spoil your reading with disclosing how things actually went. So, find out how things actually turned up with Ravin and Can Love Happen Twice..??

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