Top Discoveries of 2012

Top 10 Discoveries of 2012

According to the science magazine, these inventions are ranked among 1 to 10. Scientists are in the search of “Higgs Boson” particles since the last four decades.
The following top discoveries of 2012 are included in this list:

1. Higgs Boson:
European nuclear research team declared in July 2012 in Geneva that they have invented the particle which lies on the concept of god particle. Scientists established the world’s largest atom smashing machine on the Swiss- France border. Science news generalist named Adrienne Cho has written- Boson provides the thickness/concentration through the “Higgs field” in space. This thickness/concentration leads to the reality of universe.

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2. Denisovan Genes:
Denisovan is class of humans which lives in Siberia 41000 years from 21st century. This discovery is to search the blueprint of denisovan’s DNA.

3. To Produce an Egg from Stem Cell:
Japanese researcher introduced an egg from rat’s embryonic stem cell. This cell leads to the production of rat in the lab. In future, this technology will also be employed on humans for baby child artificially.

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4. Research of Protein from X-rays:
One billion times faster than the ordinary source, the X-ray introduced the enzyme produces African sleeping sickness. Due to this disease, 30 thousand people dies every year.

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5. Curiosity Landing:
The landing of the vehicle sent by NASA on MARS for discoveries has attained the fifth position in 2012 researches.

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6. Encode Project:
According to study, human genome is 80% more active than the thinking and strategic power of scientists.

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7. Majorana Fermions:
Every component present in the element gives different response from others. It leads to the argument of scientists since 50 years.

8. Genome Tool TALEN:
Transcription activator like effecter nucleus (TALEN) which recognises the gene cell transferring from the sick person to a healthy person.

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9. Brain Interfacing Machine:
This discovery introduced technology in which the cursor of the computer screen can be controlled by the neural recording of mind.

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10. Muxing:
China speeds up the neutrino to the speed of equivalent to light for giving an equal size of particles through the Daya Bay Nuclear Reactor Experiment.

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