Safe Haven

Safe Haven

By Nicholas Sparks

Katie aka Erin had loved and hated; hated and loved Kevin. Her dreams and hopes had been brutally shattered by Kevin, this husband of hers who would physically abuse her now and then, the spirit being wounded more. The novel is a very nice piece to pick and read while sitting in your porch and sipping through your coffee, just as Katie does. The piece maintains a very smooth pace as events unfold themselves. A novel is nothing if it can’t keep the reader in the right place of anxiety and wonder. Nicholas no doubt, succeeded. And then, redefining love with Alex and his kids Josh and Kristen is the exact fulfillness it would have needed. Katie finds her solace in this little town of Southport. The hole that had been drilled in her seems to be healing all the way. Then there is Jo, who I think is like water in the dough, a perfect presence. The most adorable, cheerful character. She kept me reeling all the way.

Truly a bestselling novel.

Happy Reading..

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