Love Story

Love Story

By Anshul Malhotra
This Story is from our user Anshul Malhotra

Sir first of all I would like to thank you for introducing this option of sharing love stories in your site, After such young writers I too sometimes feel like narrating my story as well but being an awful writer I have always stepped back but now I can share it with people through your site.
Sir it’s about me ‘Anshul’ and my love of life ‘Paawni’,I have always fantasized the world of relationships but had never entered it before I met ‘Paawni’..
Though I don’t remember the day when I met her (rather I saw her) for the first time but I do remember it was my first day at my accounts tuition back in August, 2010.It was just an another day for me but who knows what has been planned for us. My gonna be love was sitting by my side. She caught my attention with her untied wet hair, she was looking gorgeous. For moments I was lost in her beauty.
For now, I was waiting to know her name, days passed but I didn’t get to know her name. I didn’t interact with her much, just a simple Hi, Hello. It was almost a month now that I had seen her but she was an anonymous beautiful girl for me but my wait was over on 12th September (yes I do remember the day this time, the day I got to know the name of my love – a day to remember….isn’t it….???).I was at the tuition 30mins before the usual time and I found her sitting alone in the class. She was as always looking beautiful. As soon as I entered the class, she said”Hey how come you are here half an hour before time…???”. It was the first time she said anything except Hi.”I had some work nearby, I got free before the expected time, that’s why….”I replied.
By the way I am Anshul Malhotra,I said. Oh I am Paawni Kapoor, she said and smiled. We talked for a while before others students came. It was a pleasant time for me. We talked more and more with passing days but it was confined to tuition only but my happiness knew no bounds when I saw her friend request, thanks to facebook. So I got another medium to be in touch with her. We messaged each other every now and then, no matter it’s morning, afternoon, evening or night. We chat on phone late nights. We were now good friends instead of being just tuition friends. We knew each other very well by now, likes, dislikes, strengths, weakness, etc. I love her and she has started liking me. I didn’t want to express my feelings too early, I want her to love me as well and it was its beginning. Our bond got stronger and stronger with our daily talks and chats; we shared anything and everything with each other now. We sometimes talks on foolish things, we did because it feels good.
She has sometimes talked about love in the chat but as the conversation progresses both of us have avoided the topic. One day, I didn’t how I did but I proposed her. Her reply was cute and far better than my way of proposal.”How can I say no to the one who is happy when I am happy and sad when I am sad, I love you too baby for feeling my every emotion”, She replied.
Well that’s how I met my love. We have been enjoying every moment of our relationship since then, we fight, we laugh, and we tease each other. We try to make every moment of our relation memorable. We had some tough time during our relationship but love can overcome everything.

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