Hydro Season Technique

Hydro Season Technique

Surgery of slip disk/backbone with speed of 900km/hr.

With increasing number of patients of backbone problems, the technology of surgeries is updated. By using this technology, the number of the successful surgeries increases by 50%.This technique of the operation is named as the ‘Hydro Season’.

In this technique, the surgery can be done with a speed of 900km/hr in a spinal cord. The hydro particles in the form of steam are pushed into the infected part of backbone/disk spine/slip disk. The affected points come outwards from the body. This process hardly takes 5 minutes of surgery & with complete rest of 2 hours, the patients is successfully discharged from the hospital & can join the usual routine of his life.

This technique will bring a revolution in the treatment of spinal cord. The first case of this technology will be treated soon in the Fortis Hospital. This surgery technique is basically implemented to the patients of slip disk & failed back pain surgery syndrome (FBSS). There these types of 40% cases usually fail with the problems in the backbone.

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In the treatment thick needle is inserted in the spinal cord/backbone’s infected part. This needle is part of hydro season kit. This needle consists of a pressure jet in which the normal saline (salty water) is pressured in the infected portion. The small needle (inside the thick needle) pulls the water towards itself. The water is injected with the speed of the 900km/hr which takes away the damaged tissue with itself and the part which causes pain pushed outward. This is called a wash away backbone technique.

Dr. Avtar Singh Matharoo will be first person in India to operate with this technique to the NRI patients of US.

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