AirType - “A wearable device that lets you type without a keyboard”

Typing trend has changed with time. It started right from those noisy keyboards to now present, noise-less keyboards, the trend shifted from physical to touch screen keyboard and that’s not the end. Techno geeks from Austin, Texas are ready to take it to next level; they have come up with the idea of “Keyboardless” keyboard-AirType (what they call it).


AirType is a portable cuff-like device that attaches to your hands and monitors your finger movements to find out the letters you intend to type. This project is initially in early prototype phase. AirType’s wearable device is unlike projection keyboards, which use a virtual keyboard image displayed on flat surface, the AirType doesn’t have any visual component at all. The makers describe AirType as “a keyboard that fits in the palm of your hand”.

The AirType is made to make users typing experience more easy and since the device is as portable as mobile phone, it will be easy to carry as it can easily clip into tablet. AirType’s website says that the system will learn to adjust to your typing habits .The app has dynamic text prediction and correction. However the team is not saying how exactly it will work but it is most likely to connect via Bluetooth or other wireless technologies.

Let’s see how well the device works as there are people across the planet with different typing styles and different palm size. There is no declaration as when the device will be available to users.

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