Toying with Technology


The wonder Leapreader Electronic Pen helps kids of ages between four and eight to learn to read and write. It instructs via a built-in speaker as kids trace out letters in the provided workbook and motivates them with encouraging words, flashing lights and sounds and helps them in letter formation.
Price: INR 3,000

Wonder Pen


Barbie doll has gone futuristic with a video camera in her necklace and a viewing screen on her back. Kids can take videos and watch them instantly on the LCD screen on her back or upload them to a computer. They can also add music, graphics, and special effects with software that is inclusive of the cost.
Price: INR 3,000

Hi-Tech Barbies


With 594 bricks and a variety of sensors, motors and components, the Lego Mindstorms EV3 offers a robotic programming playground that’s extremely addictive. It gives older kids the opportunity to piece together awesome robots that can be controlled by a remote or from your smart phone via Bluetooth.
Price: INR 21,000

Awesome Robots


Now kids between the ages of three and seven can have their own tablet. The VTech InnoTab 3S can do all sorts of big boy activities. It can be used to play games, takes photos and videos with the rotating camera, has an MP3 player for music, downloads eBooks and can even send text messages to a Smartphone.
Price: INR 6,000

Tablets for Kids


This is for parents whose kids enjoy stories being read out to them. The Spark Up Magical Book Reader attaches to a book and reads out the contents aloud to children. It captures the audio for each page which kids can playback later. It promotes reading and builds a strong connection between kids and books.
Price: INR 3,600

Magical Book Reader


The Jakks Pacific Spy Net Ultra Vision Goggles are functional infrared glasses that will thrill boys over the age of eight. The goggles with five distinct vision modes let you see up to 50 feet in complete darkness and day time. The glasses record everything on video with a built-in camera that also takes still pictures.
Price: INR 4,800

Ultra Vision Goggles

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