Technology Upgrades

Multi-Million Drive

We all know that to own a Ferrari, you’ve got to be a millionaire many times over. But very few know that to buy the Ferrari 365 P Berlinetta Speciale, you’d have to be a billionaire.
The 1966 vintage beauty, which goes under the hammer next month is powered by a 4,390 cc V12 and paired to a five-speed manual. The sleek car has a unique seating layout which places the driver in the middle, slightly ahead of two passenger seats that sit on either side making it not just one-of-a-kind but also the most outlandish street legal car ever produced.

Price: Starting at INR 99. 72 Crore

technology upgrades

Starry Device

Do you want to see stars? Then go for the NexStar Evolution 8 Telescope. And don’t let its size fool you. Gone are the days of long, clunky telescopes that you had to manually point at every little star in the sky you wanted to see close up. With an optical tube of only eight inches, it does the job of much larger telescopes, while its compatibility with iOS and android apps takes all the guesswork out of astronomy. An onboard motor responds to everything you tell it to do through your phone or tablet, so all you have to do is to control the telescope with the Celestron sky portal app and see the universe on the screen of your smartphone.

Price: INR 96,000

technology upgrades

Comfort Upgrades

One of the world’s best headphones just got an upgrade. Bose has revamped its Quiet Comfort QC15 headphones. The new QC25s is the next generation of its category-defining noise cancelling headphone. The new model has better audio performance with a stunning new look and greater portability.
Its advanced technology ensures that distractions instantly fade away even in the most demanding environments and you get soaring vocals, deep bass and crisp drums setting a new standards, which is as close to a live performance as it possibly can.
Price: INR 24,000

technology upgrades

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