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‘Stunning’ iPhone

If you are a roadside Romeo given to stalking girls or passing tasteless comments then beware. Girls are arming themselves in the most innovative ways with innocuous looking devices that can knock the senses out of a potential molester. Take, for example, the iStun case for the iPhone. This is the only case in the market that doubles as a personal bodyguard. It comes with a built-in stun gun capable of delivering up to 650,000 volts into the flesh of a would-be attacker. The case comes with a safety switch so the stun will not accidentally go off but will only be used to knock the living daylight out of an attacker.
PRICE: INR 6,900 ($115)


Mobile Entertainment

Long distance driving can be boring especially if you have no company. But with the new Sony In-Car AV Centre you can drive the boredom away. The device which comes in three models provides access to music, navigation and Smartphone apps while on the road or stuck in a traffic jam. It can be connected to a Smartphone or iPod transforming it into an automotive application platform where content and apps can be conveniently accessed. The device which has a colour screen can work on voice command and can also read out incoming text messages, tweets and calendar reminders making driving entertaining and stress-free.
PRICE: From INR 27,990 to INR 33,990

Sony AV

Step Out in Style

If you thought Google was just a multi-lingual search engine, perish the thought. Google now makes smart phones and tablets – under the Nexus label – and is soon to launch revolutionary glasses. Not many people know that Google is also making shoes, or rather collaborating with Nike to make shoes. The Google Nike Sneakers are a cool gift for geeks. The shoe incorporates Google colours and logo. They also feature Google promoter Larry Page’s face on each tongue. Whether these will keep you on your toes or freak you out depends entirely on you.

PRICE: Rs 6,000 ($100)

Google Sneakers

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