Smart glasses are still in their early stages. While most of the brands focused on the smart watches this year, the smart glass segment is likely to see more buzz next year. After Google glasses, Sony has entered this segment. Sony has formally announced the development of SmartEyeglass,smartglass that connects smartphones to superimpose data such as text, symbols and images onto user’s field of view. The SmartGlass acts like a secondary screen for an Android smartphone, it uses a tiny projector and hologram system to display green crisp image in wearer’s vision.


The glasses have a camera mounted in the left-hand lens and use accelerometer, gyroscope and compass to track the motion of weaver’s head. They connect to smartphone via Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, allowing Android apps to use the glass for heads-up information.

A demonstration at IFA in Berlin shows that Smart Eyeglass has performed well and Sony has revealed that it will be released within a year. They currently require a small handheld control device that packs the battery, a touch strip, and microphones for voice recognition and buttons for selecting menu items. As it stands, Sony’s efforts are still in prototype stages and its functionality is limited at the moment and is definitely not turned for gaming yet. Sony had recently showcased a prototype smartglass which seemed nearly final, with a few miniaturization tasks left to do.

Let’s see how well it functions when the final product is in the market?

Watch Sony SmartEyeglass Youtube video here..

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