Birthday Poem

Poem dedicated by our user Deepanshu Arora to his friend Rachita Mahajan

I was thinking for a while,
As what to write to make you smile,
It didn’t stuck me with anything,
I decided to pen down my feelings,
From our first meeting at dominoz to our non sense talks,
Times flies Time goes surpassing various balks,
U are the zenith of hope, A sign of ecstasy,
Ur persona , A mere fantasy,
U are girl with great desires n strong will,
U will get what you aspire, brilliant skills,
I have not seen a girl so strong,
Thats what many thrive for,
I adore you the most for your innocence,
Don’t loose it dear, Its your asset,
U have a friend for lifetime,
Feel free to share, Any place, Any tym,
Close your eyes in the shivering night,
Recieve a B’DAY wish from the stars so bright..
Even the moon is shy,U are blushing that’s why..
Happy B’day dear…

HB 2013

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