Love Is An Adventure

We love because it’s the only true adventure – William Gladstone

“You won’t ever know, how far we can go..go.” These are the lines from a song that is one of my favorites. See, how much promise this single line bears. And, the determination to be unbound by any limits while in love. Lovers all around the world make such promises such claims that sound very lovey-dovey. And those hopelessly in love feel like every height is attainable, especially when the person they love says so. Who says that this is the very limit…?? There isn’t any left once you are in love.

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After all, what is love if it’s not nerve racking and something that would make your heart slam against your rib cage. Love is actually wholesome when it’s topped up with some daring. It’s like feeling the pulsating existence of a very breath in our systems.

Gone are the times when you would boast to pick moon and stars and climb the very mountains. I don’t think that is enough and even promising to assure your love to them. But then, I seriously doubt that people can put their senses to the winds and believe this piece that I would consider simply shit. And then again, it’s not about the practical us, it’s about the loving us.

Love is itself adventurous. It’s like that roller-coaster ride that would left you reeling and you would wonder, “What was that??”  And the irony is you will be ready to fall for it the very next moment. Over and again, perhaps it won’t end anywhere. And yeah, love is not something that’s deemed to end. That vicious circle begins to click in my mind that I somewhere read in Economics. Now the lovers would criticize me for calling it vicious. Don’t worry; I was just trying to be witty. Back to the topic… Everything begins to seem logical.

It’s too complicated to reach at an exact definition of love. Go round the world a hundred and thousand times and yet you won’t be able to jot it down in words. So most of us forget the defining part and jump straight to it. It takes you to the heights unimaginable and you yourself go with it eagerly. To discover what’s in store?? What else could be done.. And believe me, it’s okay…  Everything is fair in love and war.. You are excited, happy from within, in a different world all together, something like on-the-top-of-the-sky..

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Every moment of the day would keep you wondering – how to do something that would overawe your beloved. What is it?? Nothing less than adventure.. Just the lovely version of love..          ” Ik aag ka dariya hai aur doob ke jana hai..”  No terms & conditions, neither a thought to pros & cons, just the mirage of happiness and fulfillness at the other end makes the ones in love, that they once didn’t even dare to consider.


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