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Future Workstation

It’s futuristic, it’s ultra-stylish and it’s luxurious. The MWE Emperor 200 Computer Workstation looks something straight out of a science-fiction movie. It comes with a futuristic aerodynamic chair, a Scorpio-inspired tail, touch screen monitors, an air-conditioning system, therapeutic lighting, and electric-powered leather seat. Hand built to your requirements, Emperor 200 is the ultimate computer workstation with a breathtaking appeal which is bold and unique.
Price: INR 24.20 lakh ($44,000)
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gR 45.1

Cool Gadget

After a long and tiring day in office don’t you wish to go back to a heated home in winters or a chilled home in summers? If only wishes were horses. They may not be horses, but this wish is a magic thermostat. The Nest Learning Thermostat is programmed to learn from your habits regarding the kind of heating or cooling you like through a series of sensor, algorithms and cloud computing. It automatically adjusts the temperature up or down according to your taste when you give it a command from your smart phone from your office or any other destination. The smart little gadget is the latest in luxury living and not just saves power but looks great on the wall.
Price: INR 13,000 (£155)

gR 45.2

Music..?? My Foot
Most shoes are made for walking but these are made for music! They may look like a sophisticated set of ladies stilettos but do not be fooled. The Gimme Tunes are a pair of speakers that will appeal to fashionistas with a sense of humour. Available in a range of colours, including red, pink and black, the speakers are powered by a USB computer connector whose other end is attached to the source of music. The speakers bring a quirky twist to music and can be a conversation piece at any party. So next time you think of stilettos, don’t think women, think music.
Price: INR 2,200 ($40)

gR 45.3

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